Welcome to Bruno’s Groom’n Wagon
​Many people think my name or nick name is Bruno but the truth is my best friend's name is Bruno. He is a St. Bernard/black lab mix. He has been my best buddy for almost 11 years now and my wife is extremely jealous.

Bruno’s Groom'n is a mobile dog grooming service. A lot of dog owners really don't understand the principle behind the term Mobile Dog Groomer. Some of the definitions I have gotten would make you laugh. So in case you haven't heard the term let me explain the concept to you.

How fond are you of placing your dog(s) in your car and driving them to the groomer, dropping them off, going back home, then later returning to pick up your dog(s) and going back home? Just describing the process makes me tired! 

How does your dog react to being left at the groomer? Do they wine, pee themselves, bark, shake like they are going to have a nervous breakdown or claw their way to leave?

Do you feel guilty leaving them at the groomer's, knowing they feel so distraught? Or maybe you have to leave them with the dog washing service all day while you are at work. They're with all the other dogs (who might have who-knows-what diseases!) and all they can do is bark until they wear themselves out.
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The Mobile Dog Groomer

I’ve heard these tales and far worse! Ever get your dog back from the groomer only to discover that it injured or there are big gaping holes in its fur? Where's the groomer then? Don't you expect an apology or a refund? Yup, I've heard these tales as well. 

Honestly, don't you want happy tails greeting you instead of a depressed mutt? If so, hang on because I have some exciting news for you!

Imagine this: A really cool looking mobile dog grooming vehicle arrives at your home, a really pleasant looking man exits his mobile unit and ambles up to your door. He introduces himself to you but then sets on the floor to bond with your dog. Right away your dog gets it favorite toy to play tug-a-war with its new friend.

Now I can take your dog to my in home grooming mobile station. Your dog walks right into the grooming unit like it has been here a hundred times before. You feel at ease both with me and your dog’s safety and your dog loves the new adventure. We close the door and your dog gets to check out the made-for-dog interior of my vehicle. The generator starts, the lights go on and your dog doesn't even realize he is at the groomer, because he never left home!

I am a graduate of "American Grooming Academy" which is a hands-on school (not one of those internet programs). The expert based, rigorous curriculum covered everything from A to Z. I took my classes seriously and now take my professional role seriously! My goal is to have you say "WOW" when your dog bounces back into your house. I also want your pet to enjoy the trauma-free grooming experience (don't you wish your beautician cared as much for you?).

Intrigued? If so phone me or email me ASAP to set an appointment. I usually return calls in the evening because I don't want to interrupt the care I provide pets during the day.
Elkhart, Indiana
Phone: (574) 320-2396