​All of us are cost-conscious so I am frequently asked how much this in home grooming service cost?
I always respond by telling customers of my very first customer "Linda". She had a mini-schnauzer named "George". Linda was frustrated by other grooming experiences and called to see how my mobile dog grooming service might benefit her. Linda had to leave her work at 2pm one day a month to take George to the groomer. She would drive 16 miles from work to her home, and then 8 miles to the groomer before returning home. At 5pm she would drive back to the dog washing service to get George and back home again. Her car used 4 gallon of gas (at $4.00 per gallon) and she would miss 3 hours of work each month to have George groomed. While that groomer charged her $32.00 for Georges groom, her true cost was actually more like $90.00 when her time and commute expenses were considered.
Linda quickly signed up for my "once a month" service. I go to Linda's home, groom George in my mobile unit, place him back in the house and lock the door. Linda's happy, George is happy, and it cost her just $70.00 per visit.                                                                   Grooming prices 
My minimum price to come to your home is $70.00, this is an experience way to do business, for me and you.
If you give me a totally matted dog and it takes me 3 hours to clean it up and groom it, I charge $100.00 per hour. Remember you let it get like that now for me to fix the problem you have to compensate me.
For a small dog like a Yorkie,  Shih Tzu, Maltese, this type of small dog it Normally cost $70.00
For a larger bath dog (no hair cut) I typically charge $85.00, For huge dogs (bath only) its $100.00
For designer dogs "Golden Doodles, standard Poodles, Bernie Doodles, the price ranges between $100.00
and $150.00.  If you will contact me I can give you a better idea, until I see the dog.                                                           

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In Home Grooming Pricing and Services

As I mentioned earlier, I answer calls after grooming day is done. Since I can only schedule so many grooms each day, the sooner you contact me the better. I always strive to meet your scheduling needs whenever possible. Let’s talk!

There are also other factors which impact scheduling. When a mobile groomer has around 160 repeat customers, that groomer is out of circulation. Groomers can only work with so many customers. So if you would like to be one of my chosen few, I suggest you give me a call. I recently retired from a company which I created and built over a period of 35 years. I like to work and do not like turning dogs away, so let’s work together on your needs.

I hope the web site has been of a benefit to you. Owning a dog is expensive; I have two. I also know that I am just one of many choices you have regarding how to get your dog groomed. Give me a chance to earn your trust and business. I promise not to let you down.

Tom and Bruno
Elkhart, Indiana
Phone: (574) 320-2396